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Research Center

for political science and education in the reflection of history

"Jeder hat die Pflicht, frei zu denken!"

> A.I.P.S. Co-Science: Science-Group1 (SG.1):
Für die Zukunft - das "Gemeinsame Haus Europa" mit Russland. Im Geiste von de Gaulle und Gorbatschow [+]
> A.I.P.S. Co-University:
Look at history from a new perspective! Start: Summer 2023. Critically examine and discuss historical events. This is a historical research lecture series (Section IV).
> Vorlesungen: Die Strukturierung der universitären „Standard-Hochschulvorlesungen“ wurde überarbeitet und gilt ab sofort. Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier [+].

// Projects

We look behind the statements, question the decisions critically and support the "Principle of Political Long Lines" on the international stage. Today, tomorrow and in the future!

// Knowledge sharing

"Knowledge is a building that we build together. Let's think about what each of us can contribute!"

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